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Studying abroad is an investment for your future.

Pursuing overseas education is an incredible investment that provides rewarding, eye-opening, challenging, and pragmatic learning opportunities. It allows you to broaden your global perspective, develop integral skills, and grow professionally and personally.

If you would like to study abroad, then Destination Overseas is the right place for you. Destination Overseas is a Melbourne based education consulting agency. As an education consultant we provide counselling and advice about studying internationally.

We offer international students a pathway to study in leading institutes. But it’s more than a pathway. We go beyond other foundation programmes – helping you to grow as a person and as a critical thinker, providing an experience that will stay with you for life.

Qualified Education Agent Counsellor

Our visa consultancy service consists of well-trained qualified education agents and counsellors (Lead by; Mr. Munawwer) who assist you in all aspects of your student visa application. Our team has couple of years of experience and success in helping students through the visa process.

Munawwer prides himself in assisting clients from overseas who need expert guidance and career pathways to achieve their goal of getting appropriate visas. He is a Qualified Education Agent Counsellor (T783) so he has comprehensive knowledge of various courses offered by different Australian colleges and universities. He is easily accessible and assists students in preparing a decision ready application to the Universities to meet their GTE criteria. He is well known in the industry and can help our clients in getting admission in any college/university in Australia and elsewhere (U.K., Canada, Europe, New Zealand, USA). He has great rapport with his clients.


    Australia is one of the most popular destinations to settle for people who are seeking better lifestyle, better earnings, improved work life balance, better education and an excellent quality of life overall. More than 700,000 international students decide to study in Australia every academic year since the Australian Education System is widely recognise and valued worldwide. The high-quality education, diverse society, easy access to student support services, and a great lifestyle makes Australia a beautiful study destination.

  • Studying In New Zealand

    According to Times Higher Education Rankings and QS World Rankings, each of the eight universities of New Zealand rank consistently high. Learning from any of these universities can open ways to exciting career prospects all over. In fact, New Zealand’s qualifications are not only of high quality, but they also have a strong reputation for being modern, practical, and economical.

  • Studying in United Kingdom

    Today, the United Kingdom remains as one of the most favourite destinations for students looking for high-quality international education and a welcoming educational environment. Universities and colleges in the UK are among the top-ranked universities in the world. With 4 of the top 10 universities in the world, the United Kingdom has the best academic standards and educational facilities for its students. Getting a UK degree is widely recognised and valued internationally.

  • Studying in Canada – The Steppingstone To A Bright Career

    Counted as one of the leaders in natural sciences, engineering, humanities, and high technological courses, Canada is a study destination like no other. The country attracts thousands of students each year from countries around the world as it provides world-class education that’s globally recognised. Canadian universities support students with the best research ideas and give out a plethora of scholarships to students for their research work.

Why Choose Destination Overseas

Destination Overseas is a personal decision that depends on your goals, preferences, and circumstances. Consider factors such as immigration policies, economic stability, cultural fit, language barriers, and job opportunities.